The User Interface

 You can display and rearrange elements like the toolbars, display the command bar, switch between workspace, change the interface themes and enable the status bar. The toolbars and command bar can also be floated anywhere on the screen or docked as well.



Understanding the midasCAD application window



1 – Viewport

Your drawings are displayed in the viewport.


2 – Command window


The command window is where you initiate commands and respond to prompts by entering values. It also provides a history of past activities and guidance on what to do next.


Command entries are completed automatically as you type. All commands or system variables or user preferences that contain the current character string display in suggestion list.


3- Work Tree

The Work Tree is to manage various information and drawing elements necessary for drawings.

It is composed of 4 tabs : Window, Info-tag, Draw Lib., Properties.

work_tree_04.PNGwork_tree_01.PNG work_tree_02.PNG

work_tree_03.PNG work_tree_04.PNG

Work Tree on the left is divided into four parts.

1) Window

2) Information Tag

3) Draw Library

4) Properties


4 – Menu Bar

The menu bar is used for selecting commands by mouse instead of inputting commands by keyboard. In it you can find the follow menu tabs : File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Drawing, Dimensions, Modify, Window, Information, Help


5- Toolbar

Toolbars partially contain buttons that start commands. And Toolbars provide direct access to frequently used commands so that you don't have to find them in the menu structure.

When you move your mouse or pointing device over a toolbar button, the tooltip displays the name of the button. Toolbars are customizable, so you can control which commands to keep at hand.


6 – midasCAD Toolbar


7 – Status Bar

To displaying information, the status bar is a quick way to access many features. You can click status bar items to make changes, and right click items to display short cut menu that allow you more choices.


(1) Information-Tag marks On/Off : Set whether the display of the information tag marks

(2) Information-Tag Connection On/Off : Set whether the display of the information tag connection

(3) Select Cycle On/Off : Set the display whether to select popup window of two or more overlapping layers

(4) Pickstyle On/Off (F7) : status-bar-03.PNG Select group objects, status-bar-04.PNG Select one object in group

(5) Grid Mode (F8) : Set whether the display of the grid

(6) Ortho : It restricts the motion of the coordinate system of the X, the Y-direction cursor

(7) Object Snap (F3) : Track snap position from the point

(8) Refresh : Clean up the screen



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