Command Aliases Setting/Edit


Using Command Aliases is usually quicker than finding the icon and then clicking on it. But default shortcuts may not work for you. For example, I think that C should be Copy, not Circle, as I am skilled to use it more. So there’s an easy way to edit your aliases.


Edit Command Aliases

[ Tools ] – [ Customize ] – [ Edit Aliases ]


The Contents are divided into General Commands and midasCAD Special Commands that arranging in alphabetical order.



Command aliases are saved in a *.png file(ProGram Parameters file).


The Composition of Command aliases is as follows. 

Command aliases to use, *Command(Complete name)

Write an apostrophe(‘) after command alias to use and write the Command of complete name(English) after ‘*’.

ex) Rec, *RECTANG


Apply Changed Command Aliases

After the edit, save the notepad.(by default file name is ‘mcad.pgp’)

You may have to restart midasCAD before changes take effort.

If you want to apply the changes without restarting midasCAD, do the following


∙ [ file ] – [ Customize ] – [ Re-initialization ] , or

∙ At the Command prompt, type REINIT and press Enter.



*If you want to use the command aliases you have used continuously, just replace it in the notepad.

*The default path to the midas.pgp file is C:\MIDAS\cad.pgp.

*In case the command alias is duplicated, the command at the bottom of the list takes precedence.

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