Define/Registration Sheet Format (making Auto-Scale, multi Plot)

midasCAD can easily separate the drawing by using a sheet object to multi plot, export DWG file, etc. That mean, midasCAD recognizes the registered sheet, and you can obtain the effects such as sheet auto-scale, sheet batch management, and multi plot.


Sheet registration process

1) Import sheet

2) Assign information tag

3) Define sheet format

4) Register Project drawing object


1. Import sheet

Import DWG file containing the sheet form you want to register. It the size of the sheet to be imported is 1:1(420X297), please change the size to 1:100(42000X29700).

  • [ File ] - [ Import(dwg, dxf) ]
  • Command : IMPORT





2. Assign information tag

  • Work Tree menu - [Info-Tag] - Project info / Sheet info

sheet_register_04.PNG  sheet_02.gif


2-1. Project info

  • Select the project name in your drawing and drag & drop the project name tag form the information tag menu on the left. After command checking the command window, enter N[Enter later].

When the Project Name tag is applied, the text is displayed as a square(mceclip2.png) and 'P(mceclip1.png)' displayed on the upper right.



2-2. Sheet info - case 1

  • Select the sheet name in your drawing and drag & drop the Sheet Name tag on the screen. In the same way, apply Seat Number tag, Sheet Scale tag, Sheet Size tag etc.

When the Sheet Info tag is applied, the text is displayed as a square(mceclip2.png) and 'i(mceclip3.png)' displayed on the upper right.


*If a tag is assigned, it is displayed as a square. The square means that there is no information and there is no target object that the tag should display.


2-3. Sheet info -case 2

As Drawing No. is divided Discipline Designator and Sheet Number, each tag is assigned.

  • Copy and paste text - Sheet info tag assign (discipline Designator, Sheet No.) - Modify properties




* '<>' in properties means information value


2-4. Create sheet tag and apply

You can add various tags related to the project. 

  • Select the project information in Work Tree on the left side, click the mouse right and select 'New User tag'. Enter 'Cad File Name'.
  • Select the text you want to tag and drag & drop onto the screen. Click 'Enter Later(N)' on the command line or enter N.




3. Define sheet format

Menu : [Draw] - [Define Sheet Format]

Command : SH(SHEET) 




  • Enter the sheet name.
  • Enter the block unit, the scale and size of the current sheet. (For example, if you are currently registering A3 and 1:00 sheets, you can enter A3 for the sheet size and 1/100 for the current scale.
  • Click the Select point(K) icon(mceclip4.png) in Base point box to select the insertion point of the sheet.
  • Click the Select object(T) icon(mceclip5.png) in Object box to select the entire sheet and press Enter.
  • Click OK.



3-1. View sheet registration process




4. Register Project drawing object

  • Select the Draw Library tab in the left Work Tree.
  • Click the white arrow onside Window Drawing Object, and check Sheet.



  • Sheet defined drag & drop on the scree
  • Check if properly defined



  • Select the sheet you defined, right-click and click Send to Project Drawing Obj. next click NO Group(\).
  • When registration is complete, an R mark is created next to the sheet name and you check the registered sheet in the Project Drawing Object.

sheet_register_14.PNG  sheet_register_15.PNG


  • Right-click on the Project Drawing Object tab.
  • Click the Apply Basic Drawing Obj.


Create a new Project to see if the registered sheet is loaded automatically.


**midasCAD manages the styles, sheets, blocks, and user objects used in drawings through Project Drawing Object and Basic Drawing Object.

Project Drawing Object manage drawings separately for each project, and Basic Drawing Object can be specified as default templates. 

To learn more about drawing object --> 





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