Select Cycle(Multi Layer select option)/ Pick-Style(Group object select option)

Learn more about Select Cycle and Pick-style options.



mceclip1.png : Select Cycle option

Controls the display of duplicate object list window when objects are duplicated in the same location.

Press the icon located on the status bar at the bottom of the screen. When selecting duplicate objects, the following dialog box appears.


If you want to select the object with the lowest drawing order, you can use the select cycle option.

  • Shortcut keyboard : CTRL + W


mceclip3.png : Pick-Style

You can select objects as a group object specified as a group or text group, or only some of the objects contained within a group object.

You can select the On or Off option by clicking Pick-Style icon on the Status bar.

If you press the CTRL key while it is on, you can only select object in the group.

pickstyle_01.PNG  pickstyle_02.PNG

mceclip4.png Pick-Style on and Select group object (left) / mceclip3.png Pick-Style Off and Select group object (right) >



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