Increase Copy / Auto Number / Count arrayed objects

We'll be taking a look at a hidden gem of a tool that's available in midasCAD. 

For example you have created an array of text which are bed of a hospital. The numbering of beds should be auto numbered with an increase of 1 : bed 101, bed 102, bed 103, ... or you may need to increase or decrease the number with certain rules.

How to achieve this in midasCAD?


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Select the increase or decrease object that has a certain rule from the objects to be copied and copy it so that the increasing or decreasing rule is applied.

  • command : ICO(INCREASECOPY)
  • Select objects to copy - [ Enter ]
  • Select the object to copy by incementing or decementing - [ Enter ]



In the command window, the currently set value is displayed as starting number=102, indecresment=+1.



Deformation (D) : Specify the relative coordinate value to the displacement. The displacement of the base point is 0.0.0 in the current UCS coordinate system. When specifying the second point, the first point(base point) is used as the basis for displacement.

Start Number (S) : Change the starting number of the increment or decrement object.

Variation (I) : Change the increment or decrement value. You can enter '+,-' numeric values.

Scale Ref Point reset (R) : Redefine the scale reference point of the copied object. Refine scale reference or [ Initialize(R) / Keep(K) / Transform(T)]

-Initialize(R) : Returns the scale reference point that was changed to the initial position.

-Keep(K) : Retains the specified scale anchor point. The original object's scale anchor point remains changed.

-Transform(T) : Temporarily uses the specified scale anchor point. The original object's scale anchor point remains unchanged.



  • Specify second point or [ Array(A) / Reference(R) ]

Specifies the point to insert the incremental copy object.

Specify second point - Specifies the second point as displacement relative to the first point.increase_copy_07-2.png

Array (A) : Copies a specified number of copies in a linear array. Enter an integer value between 2 and 32767 for the number of items to be arranged.

Fit (F) : After selecting [Array(A)], enter the number of items to be arrayed, and then it is optional. Places the final copy at the specified displacement in the array.

Reference (RE) : Pastes the objects to be copied a specified distance from the reference point.

Point to the reference point. Pick the second point as a displacement relative to the first reference.


[ End(E) ], [ Undo(U) ]

You can end the command and cancel the command with the previous step.


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