[FAQ] About Early Access?

1. What is? 

Early Access is a period of operation prior to the official release for initial users and product optimization in the field and customers can use it free of charge during the period.

2. Early Access License

Early Access License is open to everyone free of charge during the period.
There is no any limitation of functionalities or use of purpose. 
Users can download the license from midasCAD website.

3. What will change after the Early Access period?

Official version of midasCAD will be released and the installation will be replaced to the new version.
Early Access license will be no longer available, and users should be issued a new license for the official version of midasCAD.

We are still planning for the detail policies of the official release including product, price, license and so on.

4. Will it be no longer free after the Early Access?

There will be several options for the product packages.
Details are under discussion. 

5. When will be the end of Early Access?

Early Access end date is not fixed yet. After collecting enough feedback from users, we will decide the official release date.

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