Quick Guide - User Line


'Draw it as one line.'


User Line has come from the idea that, what if we can draw a bunch of different pattern lines in one click.

To express the design, we are using a lot of pattern lines as drawing symbols.

Draw lines, offset the line thickness, match layer properties, fillet, trim, hatch…. over and over again.

Mostly, CAD users have their several line patterns which are used frequently. Thus, if these lines can be saved in library, we can draw it at once.

User Line can save the pattern lines as well as layer styles. Even we can use a combination of multiple User Line items.

When you save your new User Line item into library, you can drag from library from every project where you want.

Draw as line drawing method or select and throw the item.



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  • hoping you'll be giving a sample project to study, but this is super great!

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