Release Note History

midasCAD is a CAD designed for architectural design that can efficiently draw drawings and is based on three core : Information tag, Integrated management, Automatic scaling.

The core functions include the User line, User drawing, Information block, Information leader, Information table function, and is mainly configured to  facilitate various drawing tasks by using a drawing template. The template can be used as it it on the official website or the user can easily create and use the necessary template.



Version Date Major update



March 12th, 2020


  improvement of basic environment and some functions

  • improving DWG preview processing
  • scalability through tutorial-based improvement
  • adding a cancel function during printing
  • maintaining the layer location of layer property manager and xref palette
  • improving the pattern number offset algorithm of information table
  • improving recognition rate of calculating tag
  • information tag selection without information value of Find/Qselect
  • improving layer property manager search function



April 28th, 2020


  Reflect security certification and respond  to customer function improvement requests

  • reflecting security certification through application of CodeSign certificate
  • improving Desktop App UI/UX
  • environment improvement for multilingual version
  • improving setting method for user PC without administrator authority
  • supporting highlighting of the block to be modified when Bedit of nested block reference
  • supporting operation selection variable when double-clicking a block reference(Bedit / Refedit)
  • improving recognition problem of specific font





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