Release Note of midasCAD 2020 V250R2

midasCAD support user's feedback and inquiries so that the product can be continuously developed. This release note include 6 feature improvements and 3 bugfixes.



Main Issue of midasCAD V250R2 update

The main updates to V250R2 are stabilization and bugfixes. The main items include Window error resolution during file auto-recovery, web authentication processing method improvement, hot-fix part support for desktop app, supplementary function of external reference object, stabilization code when Wblock, and English translation improvement. Check below contents.


1.  New features and improvements

  • Authentication : Complement the authentication processing method so that it can operate smoothly even under abnormal web authentication cancellation
  • DeskApp : Adding a notice function for an update in a botfix
  • Xref : improved to combine together when external reference objects are combined
  • Migration : Korean language correspondence included in the path of custom migration
  • Layer : Resolves an error in updating the layer dialog box that occurs in a specific situation
  • Information table : Supports offset when sorting the associated sheet number of the information table


2. Function improvement / Stabilization / bug patch

  • Resolves an error the window name when automatically recovering files
  • Fixed an abnormal termination that could sometimes occur when writing a block of an object with errors
  • Modify to maintain the existing user unit setting when editing the calculation tag




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