[FAQ] I have a problem with license registration

* To avoid the confusion between symptom and explanation, error messages are written in text only, not includes captured images.

* This FAQ is written for the Early Access version.


"User ID or Password is incorrect. ..."

User ID(Number 1 in the figure) and Password(Number 2 in the figure) of License Authentication field should be match as the one you sign up to our website. If you want to find or reset your account ID and Password, go to MIDAS Account page.



"All licenses are occupied. Please contact ..."

The Early Access license is provided 1 license for 1 user account. If other account is trying to register the same license at the same time, this text message pops up. The user must use the license issued through the Download Page on the website.


"Your license is expired. Please contact ..."

The Early Access license will last until the end of Early Access Period. Users should issue the official version license separately after the period.


"This ID is being logged in another device. Please log off ..."

If user try to log in more than 1 device at the same time - for example, log in office PC and home PC without log off the first device - this text message pops up. Users have to log off the first device successfully, then log in another device. 


"Networking error is occurring. Please check your internet connection ..."

If the program cannot connect with MIDAS license system for the registration, this text message pops up.
This problem occurs when,
1. The physical internet connection is not stable
2. Vaccine or Firewall program is blocking the registration data transferring of midasCAD.

The solutions for these 2 cases are,
1. Make sure your internet connection is normal. 
2. Turn off the Vaccine(or Firewall) or allow midasCAD from the block list of it. 
 How to Allow an app through Windows Firewall (external guide page) >


"ProtectionKey ID (PKID) is incorrect. Please check Product ID and..."

There are two different type of ID serial number for the license in midasCAD.


The license is issued both Protection Key ID (PKID) and Product ID, and should be used in pairs.

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