[FAQ] I have an error during installation, Feature transfer error - "Access is denied."

When you get the below error message while install midas CAD, please try the solutions written in the below to resolve the problem.

Window Title : Feature transfer error

Content : Error: Access is denied.


Causes : Access permissions are restricted by account or anti-virus program.

Solution 1 - Run as administrator.

If your account is not admin, run the installation application (setup.exe) as administrator.


Solution 2 - Uninstall(or Stop) AntiVirus software which block to install midas CAD.

Some of AntiVirus programs are blocking to install midas CAD in your computer. Before you proceed the installation of midas CAD, turn off or uninstall the program.

Solution 3 - Install midas CAD to other drive. (not C drive)

Most of the cases for these errors come from the access permission problem to C drive. In case you cannot get a permission or administrator account, try to install the program to other local drive, not C drive. 




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