How to draft faster with midas CAD: Part 2

Secret CAD features to make your work faster

Chapter 1 : Potential of Templates

Chapter 2 : Use the Information of Drawings

Chapter 3 : Integrated Management of Project

We create the drawings of plan or details of our design, but we create a lot of documentations on drawings as well.

For example, when we create the area calculation documentation into CAD drawing file, we draw all the table lines and text one by one manually.

This chapter will show how we can manipulate the information of drawings of CAD file and create data table and drawing mark templates. 

In addition, you can learn about the Excel Sync feature which synchronize Excel table data with CAD drawing table together.

Features which are introduced from the video

- Information Tag
- Information Table
- Excel Sync

Click the below video to watch.

↓ Click to download midas CAD here

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  • How can we design the first area info table ? . I cant connect to the room areas with table .

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