User Line & Define User Line - Draw a pattern line

User Line Chapter 1 : Draw structural lines

Let's draw structural lines using User Line feature in midas CAD.

User Line is very simple to use.

1. Drag from Library and drop to the window, then draw just like single/double line drawing.


2. Select the objects or lines of guide and drag from library - drop to the window.



How to define this User Line into the worktree?

1. Type "DUL" - Define User Line into the command line, or click 


2. Enter the name of User Line, and assign 


3. You can drag from your library to use the User Line


User Line saves the line shapes, layers, styles all together to the library.

So when you save it once, you don't need to draw same pattern line such as finishing or insulation.


In the next chapter, we will learn the detail options of User Line.


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