How to draft faster with midas CAD: Part 3

Secret CAD features to make your work faster

Chapter 1 : Potential of Templates

Chapter 2 : Use the Information of Drawings

Chapter 3 : Integrated Management of Project

When we create the drawing index table, we do by 100% manual drawing.

Bring the template, and type all the drawing data on the table one by one.

But, if we have the information in one project file, you can use it with template.

Once you save a template into the library, you can just drag from the library and drop to create the drawing index table in one second.

This chapter will show the benefits of using Integrated Management of Project in midas CAD.


Features which are introduced from the video

- Drawing List Worktree
- Drawing Index Info-Table
- Multi Plot
- Drawing Information Update
- Project/Window Drawing Object Library (Template)

Click the below video to watch.

↓ Click to download midas CAD here

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