[Guide] How to change my license key?

In case, if you want to change your initial license key to a new license key, you should change 2 keys together. (You don't need to change your account ID and Password)

Otherwise, if you change only 1 key, the program will show the error message, "Protectionkey ID (PKID) is incorrect. Please check Product ID and..."


You should change the below 2 keys together.

1. PKID (Protection Key ID)

PKID is 16 digital letters of license key. You can manually type into the License Authentication dialog box.

2. PID (Product ID)

① Click [Lock Option Configuration] button after insert a correct "PKID" into the License Authentication dialog box.

② Then, a new pop-up dialog with drop down list of "PID" will be shown.

③ Select a correct "PID" which matches with "PKID".

④ Click [OK] button.




If you have other issues of license authentication, please refer the below article.

[FAQ] I have a problem with license registration

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